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At medGrids, our priorities are sorted. It is you. By integrating cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, we have managed to create a dynamic, reliable, and truly patient-centric ecosystem. We are facing the multi-faceted problems of the healthcare industry head-on. A much required unification and compilation of dispersed stakeholders and their competitive services is our vision and we are making every effort necessary to make this platform one of a kind. The porous and broken walls surrounding the obsolete and divided healthcare industry is in desperate need of mending. With the plaster of trust, confidence, transparency and above all technology, we hope to repair these walls and even expand them to create a global industry.

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Our vision can’t be fully and justifiably expressed in terms of a product or a service, it’s much bigger than that. It is to change the entire face of the industry and the result of this significant undertaking is medGrids. The present scenario restricts consumers and stakeholders to turn to third parties and officials of the traditional centralized system. The power is accumulated at certain spots and it’s our vision to disseminate the outdated and rigid structure of the existing industry with the help of technological advancements and bring in transparency and decentralized control. Leveraging cutting edge technologies has become

Dr. Rajpushpa Labh

MD Pharmacology (UCMS & GTBH),
Co-founder & CEO

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Sakshi Kaushik

Nursing Officer (CTVS) AIIMS New Delhi,
Co-founder & CIO

Alok Agarwal

Vision and Strategy

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