Two things that counterfeiters fear- medSure and quality standards.

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The world of pharmaceuticals is suffering from heavy losses.Due to counterfeit, losses incurred have reached approximately 210 billion dollars. This doesn’t even begin to cover the loss due to brand loss. Seeing this wasteful expenditure and debilitating losses, medSurehas decided to take matters in their own hands. It created a fool-proof anti-counterfeiting solution to combat their ever-reaching evil.

The solution involves incorporating a QR code on every level of packaging of products. These QR codes are enabled by the novel technology of NFTs. The NFT enabled QR codes are unique and inimitable so copying them is out of the question.

Fool proof end customer authentication

Protection throughout the product’s journey

Cutting edge technologies to ensure excellence

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Once scanned, these NFTs are burned and therefore can’t be used again. These features enable guaranteed identification of authentic products. Your customers will have the surety that they are getting what they pay for. The constant exploitation by counterfeiters and the subsequent safety concerns will finally put on a stop with this novel technology. And the best part – it is completely non-disruptive and effortlessly adaptive.

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Seamlessly adaptive

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