Say no to fake

A state-of-the-art, blockchain-based, and NFT(Non-Fungible Token) operable solution designed to combat the upsurging of medicine counterfeit along with the convenience of tracking your supply chain in real-time.


With the ease and promptness of its algorithm, medSure provides you access to track product movement down the supply chain and have extensive reports of the product's sales and distribution.

Shipping Container

When shipped, the container is allotted a unique QR code, when scanned medSure sends an alert to the manufacturer about its package retrieval and a report of the product's authorization to its receiver.


The distributor scans the QR code with medSure, and activates the private NFT key for the product's authorization. The key is then burnt, and an alert about its whereabouts is sent to the manufacturer.


Retailers on receiving the package scan the QR code with medSure to ensure the package's authenticity. The process activates the product's NFT and alerts the manufacturer about his package allocation.

Vaccine Vial

In order to avoid the hoarding and black marketing of drugs, medSure enables the manufacturer and the consumer to identify the availability and authenticity of the vaccine with its unique NFT tagged-QR code.


While buying a medicine, medSure facilitates you with the convenience of checking and reporting the product's authenticity and gives you access to all its necessary information with a simple scan.

medSure is a blockchain-based and NFT operable solution developed keeping in mind the heaving situation of counterfeit in the medical industry. Its algorithms not only provide the authorization details about a medical drug but also helps you track products down the supply chain in real-time. To enhance its efficiency, the product has been based on blockchain technology. Like other prominent health-centric aspects, data management and supply chain management need technology integration and adoption.

Blockchain technology has proven itself to be a boon in the IT development sector. Healthcare projects based on such advanced technology as medGrids will facilitate the growth of our healthcare system in a better direction. medSure helps in reviewing a product's journey from the manufacturer to the customer resulting in identifying and reducing the stages where counterfeit is reported. Apart from this, other major issues like increasing API shortages and delays in production are also prevailing in the market due to inaccurate market knowledge. medSure helps in tackling these problems by providing a clear market report of each drug manufactured by a firm.